A park somewhere

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Re: A park somewhere

Post by Melliebee on Wed Jun 07, 2017 5:39 am

Sarah closed her eyes as Nicholas hugged her, shore he was trying to warm her up but it was nice non the less, although it did hurt a little as some of her bruises where still tender.
As Nicholas sounded a little upset she then opened her eyes to see what he was on about and sore his iPod and phone destroyed from the water as she looked sorry for him, Sarah then started to check her pockets, she couldn't find her phone, it must have fallen out of her pocket her face looked a little worried as she needed it to stay in contact with her father and little sister as well as the disability service provider that helped her handle and care for her dad. When Nicholas said that he was so sorry to his mum, she guessed that it would have taken so long to get things that nice for him and he would have felt really bad for not looking after them. Sarah then thought of how Nicholas was now acting like he had when she had first met him, but what made his personality change so much to what ever he was before? As he said that he didn't know how to drive a motorbike she snapped out of her train of thought "you seemed to drive it pretty dam well, until you got a headache" Sarah looked into Nicholas eyes, they where different again, back to normal not that she was coming as they where nice eyes but there was a noticeable difference in his eyes when he changed. As Nicholas said that he had better get her home she nodded, but when he started to check her over she was worried and tried to stop him from seeing the bruises but he was so determined to check her over to see if she was okay she couldn't shop him, as he pointed them out and sounded worried she then sighed "I'm okay.... really, it's just some bully's" Sarah had to tell him as people always thought that it was family tearing her so bad but they couldn't or wouldn't ever do that to her "they won't bother me again" Sarah said as she lied trying to make him not worry about her. As Nicholas ran his fingers over her skin she felt a little awkward and was just about to ask want he was doing when she looked at what he was running it along 'what the hell? Where did that come from' Sarah thought to herself but couldn't even come up with a reason why it was even there, it wasn't this morning when she had gotten dressed, she would have looked very confused


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Re: A park somewhere

Post by Trigg on Wed Jun 07, 2017 10:32 am

Nickolas tucked his broken phone and iPod into his pocket maybe there was a change on fixing them but he doubted it. He got up still with her arm around her as he walked with her trying to be gentle with her after seeing all the damage done to her body, “They won’t do it again?” Nick had doubt in his voice as if he had a feeling she was lying to him, “Who are these bullies?” he asked her as he walked helping her out of the ditch and stood on the side of the road, “Now where do you live Sarah?” he asked her waiting for her to lead him that way, as he thought to himself ‘I was driving the motorbike well? How could that be?’ he was starting to worry what was wrong with him, ‘I remember the headache at least,’ he said with a frown. He walked along the side of the road with her still with his arm around her. He was worried she might faint from the ordeal that had taken place.

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